Daphnee's Clan is a tribe based in Berlin.


 The five members have very different dance backgrounds: One is a Kathak dancer (a classical indian dance form), while others are trained in ballroom dances, North African and Middle Eastern folklore and Raqs Sharki. This variety of knowledge and dance styles opens possibilities  to new and exciting ideas. We also create our own movement dialect and use formations and concepts of other improvisational tribal style (ITS) dances.
In the beginning, we danced ATS® but with time, other dance aesthetics influenced our stylisation. While ATS® is the root we strongly relate to, we are drawn to extend the defined boundaries of its format. We combine the ATS® vocabulary with unusual concepts and contexts rather than the movements of other dance styles. This manifests in our choice of music and costumes. We perform 'classical' ATS® sets, with a more contemporary approach to the look and feel of the ATS® repertoire. We like to combine these feminine, proud movements with a rather plain and elegant aesthetic.


We are currently five dancers : Kathrin Isberner, Saskia Hapke, Silke Peigert & Alicia Pasternak  under the artistic direction of Jane Hecht (Fara la Sombra).


And Diana is always dancing with us. Unforgotten!





Dancing and playing instruments were always my greatest passion. After dancing ballet and classic oriental dance for some time I swiched to ATS® which I am dancing for several years now. I am always looking for new inspiration and ideas to realize my own vision of improvised dance.

I passed the ATS® teacher training in 2011 and I am teaching ever since.

I am greatly Influenced by the aesthetics and expression of  Flamenco.






I began dancing Ballroom and latin dance when I was 13- four years in dancing school and three years of tournament training. Since many friendships and dancing partnerships broke up after school I started looking in 2005 for a dance form where I would not need a dance partner: oriental dance. In 2008 I was infected with the Tribal-enthusiasm by Diana Hirsch which is part of my life ever since.









After very intense and long experiences in oriental dance I discovered my passion for tribal style dance in 2008. Since then I dance -besides oriental dance- American Tribal Style® (ATS®) and Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS)  and Indian Fusion Dance.





I got in contact with Raqs Sharki when I was eight years old. In the next ten years I learned not only classic oriental dance but also different folcloric dances from North Africa and the Middle East.

I took my first tribal fusion workshops when I was sixteen and the next one and a half years I traveled through europe to learn from the famous american Tribal Fusion Dancers. Since 2011 I concentrate on learning the roots of Tribal Fusion which is American Tribal Style®.






My first big love is the north indian classical dance Kathak in which I was intensely trained since 2002. Besides that I exercised Bollywood-Dance and was introduced to Oriental and Contemporary Dance. In 2011 I was struck by the thunder of Tribal Fusion. Since then I took classes and every workshop by international dancers I could get my hands on. On the search of a solid basis I dedicated myself to ATS® and unexpectedly found pure bliss in the collective improvisation.